SD Scratch Open (No Trixx Scratch Battle) scratch the drums Online Rules and Plan




  1. The No Trixx Theme for this session is:  SKRATCH drumming (use of Vinyl or DVS) ie recordbox, traktor and serato

  2. Use of a turntable, or portable turntable (Permitted) 

  3. prelim time limit is 45 seconds

  4. Time limit is 60 seconds prelim and semi, final is 60 seconds

  5. No Video editing  of the performance (slight editing allowed to trim the clip beginning and end)


Battle Presentation:  This scratch battle is different from the rest because it is themed either to specific vinyl, scratch technique, records and or genres to challenge you.


Youtube Presentation: Round 1 Preliminary (4 will be chosen)


What to do: Video TAPE Yourself 


  1. Pick a drum SEQUENCE and proceed to scratch for 45 Seconds.

  2. Upload to youtube and post, label your entry:  scratchopen STD Round 1 (2 or 3 if advanced)-DJ Name

fyi the only change to this labeling will be the round#'s. 


Forex:  Scratchopen std round 2, Scratchopen std Round 3


FYI:  The order of eliminations:


Round 1 (4 Chosen)

Round 2 (2 Chosen)

Round 3 (Finals 1 Chosen)


The Judging Criteria of The SD Scratch Open (No Trixx Battle)


Technical- Intricate use of combinations -15 points

Musicality and flow - 10 points

Composition- Total routine, adhesiveness- 10 Points

Originality + Creativity +Extraordinary Elements 15 Points


Note reminder:  Competitor must label his or her Youtube title:


scratchopen std ROUND 1, DJ "your name"

No button pushing after you begin scratching- you will be disqualified. 


For the 1st round, 4 People will advance. Consecutive rounds after Prelim will be 60 second time limits (Thats Rounds 2 and 3.).


Dates of Submission to Deadline:


Round 1 Submission Begins: 4/24 to 4/30 due by 12am pst

Round 2 Submission Begins: 5/01 to 5/06 due by 12am pst

Round 3 Submission Begins: 5/09 to 5/12 due by 12am pst

grand prize:  Dj henray customs modified Technics 1200mk5

plus prizes from our esteemed sponsors


Judges: dj lazy boy (sf), Mr. B (SF), Supreme Fist (PH)

figs (PDX), Koflow (sing), spydermonkey (thai), DJ Miyajima (tokyo), Don Paco (los angeles)







Tablist Lounge

feelit records san diego

mile high dj supply



Produced By :


Eddie Mariano


the creator

San Diego Scratch Open | scratch renshu ent llc

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